My Home Town of Clifton New Jersey

Clifton New Jersey

My name is Anthony Giambra and I live in Clifton, New Jersey and in speaking about the wonderful town of Clifton did you know that Clifton was named after the cliffs of Garret Mountain which borders the Montclair Heights with some really beautiful scenic views of New York City.

Clifton was home to the U.S. Animal Quarantine Station also known as the “Ellis Island for animals” which was operated in Clifton, New Jersey by the United States Department of Agriculture way back in 1903!

Back then, Clifton was mainly used for agricultural purposes, it was home to many farms. It was also the primary location on the East Coast where cows, chickens, horses and elephants to name a few of the animals being held in quarantine. After being brought into the United States to ensure that they were not infected with diseases that could spread throughout the U.S. The station operated in Clifton until the 1970’s.

Historic Eateries In Clifton New Jersey

Clifton also had a lot of historic eateries such as Mario’s which has been open since July 4th,1945 and Rutt’s Hut which has been open since 1928.

Mario’s pizza has been rated New Jersey’s best pizza many times. Mario’s is Clifton’s first pizzeria. Mario’s is considered by many a staple in Passaic County and a landmark for being part of so many people’s lives.


The Rutt’s Hut (home of the ripper) restaurant has been named the #1 Hot Dog in the Nation by The Daily Meal multiple times.

Some of the neighboring cities and counties near Clifton that Onsite Chair Massage NJ has traveled to include Bergen and Passaic counties and cities such as Parsippany, Montville, Lyndhurst and Oldwick, ect.

Traveling Massage Therapist

My job is really pretty cool and interesting. I get to see what other people do at their place of employment. From equine hospitals, to schools and colleges, various corporations and businesses, private parties and special events. It’s always a new surprise when I get an inquiry. I get to be in a different setting all the time. My ride as well is fun and usually never the same. I can be driving through the country one day and then the next day I can be in the city, from quaint little peaceful towns to very busy areas. Down the parkway south or up the parkway north.

My Company Onsite Chair Massage NJ

Onsite Chair Massage NJ is a completely mobile based chair massage company that travels to offices, businesses, in-home events of all kinds that provides therapeutic massage to the Northern N.J. area.

I love what I do and enjoy helping people receive stress relief while they’re at work. What better place to do this than where they work?

If your corporate business is looking to surprise your employees or hold an event that wants to provide that extra touch then Onsite Chair Massage N.J service is exactly what you need.

Anthony Giambra
Massage therapy is not just my profession, it’s my passion. I love that I can bring the healing power of massage to you.